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segway tasmania faq





  • The minimum age is 12; however riders must also be at least 45 kg in weight. The maximum weight for a rider is 117 kg.
  • Using a Segway requires a reasonable level of fitness and mobility as you need to use your body to control the Segway. At a minimum you should be able to climb up and down stairs without assistance and stand for at least 1 hour. You must be able to step on and off the base of the Segway unassisted. This is approximately 20 cm high.
  • You must inform your guide of any impairments (sight, hearing, balance etc) which may affect your safety and/or the safety of others whilst using the Segway. If you suffer from any back injuries, limb injuries, serious health problems or are pregnant you will not be permitted to ride on our Segways.
  • It is each rider’s responsibility to ensure they are fit to ride a Segway and you should consult your doctor if in doubt.
  • PARTICIPANTS MUST NOT BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. This policy is strict and any person suspected of consuming alcohol or being under the influence of drugs before or during a Segway tour will immediately forfeit their tour and no refund will be given.


  • We strongly recommend sturdy, enclosed footwear such as walking shoes, trainers etc. No heels, flip flops or open front/backed shoes.
  • Regular, casual day clothes, no loose fitting or flowing skirts or dresses. If the weather is cooler layer your clothes for comfort.
  • We have Japara style jackets available for you to wear if it is cold or rainy as well as warm gloves.
  • All riders must wear issued safety helmet. If you have your own helmet you are welcome to show the guide, however the guide’s decision will be final as to whether you wear your own helmet or a Segway Tasmania helmet.
  • As our tours travel over a range of different surfaces in a variety of weather conditions, please be aware that there might be some water or mud splashing, particularly on our bush, vineyard or farm tours. It rarely happens, but we just want to let you know.


  • Segway Tasmania will operate in most weather conditions but we reserve the right to cancel or postpone a tour if we consider that weather conditions may affect the safety of the participant.
  • Our fleet of X2 Segways are just as happy in the wet as the dry and with your helmet, jacket and gloves (see ‘What to Wear’) you will be able to enjoy your gliding all year ’round.


  • Segway Tasmania offers tours all year ’round in daylight hours, 7 days a week. All of our tours are ‘on demand’, so you choose when and where you would like to tour and we do our best to make that happen! Occasionally we will have tours going ahead that you can join, if you are a solo traveller or perhaps two people wishing to join one of our tours with a four person minimum, this can be an ideal way to have your Segway experience.
  • We have a fleet of 9 X2 (Cross Country) Segways. This means we can take up to 7 people on a tour at a time. If you have more people than this we would be happy to work out an experience package for you!