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Segway Tasmania specialises in group activities, anything from a large family group to a community event, from a social club to a incentive group. Contact our friendly Segway Tasmania team today for more information. Some fun activities we have run for groups include:

A variety of Segway team-based games on offer depending on the numbers – this is ideal for large corporate groups. It encourages friendly group rivalry as the teams aim to win over their peers!Indoor Segway is great for corporate events and team-building experiences. We make it easy for professional conference organisers and corporate companies to create memorable team experiences full of good fun and humor. For an exciting and different activity for your workplace functions, book a Segway event today!


Adventure Tours
Want to offer your group a fresh change of scenery and encourage adventurous spirit in the team at the same time? Segway adventures include getting lost on off road tracks in genuine ‘Tasmanian-esque’ locations. Suits groups of 4-6 at a time with experiences lasting around 60 minutes. Groups can stagger their arrival or participate in Segway technique games while waiting.